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Guest Payments

What you need to know about payment for your accomodation

Payment Terms:


You will pay a 50% deposit at the time of your reservation to secure your reservation with us.


The final payment of the remaining 50% is taken 14 days’ prior to your arrival once the free cancelation period has ended under a standard cancelation policy.


An authorization hold of between $250 and $500 is taken upon your arrival and is released 7 days’ after your departure. These funds are not transacted on your card, so you will no see a refund. The freeze of the funds will appear as a pending transaction line on your credit card statement, and this will disappear on the hold has been released.

Please check with your reservation policy as to the authorisaiton hold amount required for your stay with us.


Payments will appears on your statement from : Bell Cross Rob or BCR Property depending on your bank provider.

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